BTP Wholesale trading system

Work with the best

Over 20 years of experience in wholesale and distribution. The knowledge collected during the use of the valued system by our customers resulted in the creation of the trading platform !
Depending on the type of service you expect, you can make retail purchases in stores integrated with our system. If you are a trader, you can integrate your system with and present there the offer available from us, if you are a producer you can offer your products in fully independently managing your offer, determining assortment, availability or prices.
WEverything is automated as much as possible e.g. by API gates. We automate subsequent processes on an ongoing basis to make them as labor-intensive as possible for our contractors, both customers and suppliers.

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Dropshipping - You sell, we ship

You have access to thousands of products

In our warehouse we have a wide range of products for your store. The dropshipping model will also work well as a solution for larger trading platforms, where diversification and quick and wide access to goods is important.

You don't have to have a warehouse

It's ideal for businesses that no longer have to pay the costs associated with shelf-stocked goods.

BTP drosphipping

Gain so much.
No unnecessary risks.

Individual caregiver

A professional sales consultant to advise and assist in the purchasing process

Favorable conditions

Favorable margin levels to ensure that you are satisfied with your relationship with us from the outset

A wide range

Access to over a hundred brands, carefully selected and chosen by our employees, who constantly monitor the market and introduce attractive novelties

Effective complaints

Efficient and fast service department to deal with your complaintsi

Marketing materials

Access to marketing materials, descriptions, photos, newsletters allowing you to easily present your products to your customers

Fast shipping

Distribution center located in central in central Poland, providing express shipping via courier and postal services