Frequently asked questions

Account registration

How do I become your partner?

Just click Register button to register to the platform and fill in all necessary data. Once the registration process is complete, you will get an e-mail with login data. You will have an access to our offer, wholesale prices, XML and CSV files after logging in. Registration is free of charge and we do not require signing contracts or declarations from you.

I have problems with registration.

When you are on pub.BTP.link site, switch the language to English. Then choose "Register" button in the up right hand corner. If you still have a problem please write to: info@BTP.link.

When will my account be activated?

The data you have sent has to be verified and on this basis your account is created. Data verification takes place on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the order in which the registration forms were received.
In the link you can find information about cooperation with us under the link Cooperation.

When can I start selling products available on ext.BTP.link? Do I have to sign a contract?

You start the cooperation with us by creating an account on our platform ext.BTP.link. You don’t need to sign any additional agreements in order to start the cooperation and sell the products available on the platform.

How can I reset the password?

If you don’t remember the password to your account on the ext.BTP.link platform, please click "Problems with logging in?” below the “Sign in” blue button.
In the next step, please enter your Client name and login or email address. Then click on the "Remind" button. You will receive your new temporary password to the email address you provided during registration.

Sales on ext.BTP.link

Where I can see the wholesale prices of your products?

Wholesale prices will be available after the registration of your company on the platform ext.BTP.link.

Who I can talk to about products, orders and more?

Your contact person is always your Account Manager. The contact details of your account manager are visible after logging in to the ext.BTP.link panel. Contact is possible in several ways: telephone, e-mail, etc.

Are there any fees and charges for using the ext.BTP.link platform?

We do not charge any fees for starting cooperation, using XML files or packing the products. Only in case of dropshipping order worth less than 15 EUR net, we add 1,5 EUR net to the invoice. All other costs are enlisted in the Transport Costs tab (page available after logging in) or on the Fees page (available after logging in).

How can I integrate my online shop with your offer?

After logging into the ext.BTP.link panel - you will see the section "Data export XML" on the left side of the page. You will find there XML and CSV files which you can use to integrate your shop with our platform

Do you help with the integration process?

Due to the number of shop platforms available on the market, we are not able to provide help with the technical issues related to integration with your shopping platform. However, we assure you that the files we provide are compatible with the majority of software available on the Polish marketplace. If none of the available solutions suits you, please contact your Account Manager.

Do you have integration files in other languages?

Yes, we do have those files available in English, German, Spanish, Russian and Czech language.

Does the downloaded product file update automatically?

The downloaded file is updated when a request for its update is sent by your sales platform. You should set the time in which the update will take place on your own.

What are the benefits of generating links with a product feed?

The available files are generated immediately, without burdening the sales system. The sales platform with an update set, e.g. every 10 minutes, guarantees that the store will receive the latest information about the availability of products each time it is called.

How are the documents issued? Is it possible to issue one collective invoice at the end of the month?

We work with you on a prepayment basis. If you decide to prepay your orders via online tpay system, then in the ext.BTP.link platform you can choose to pay up to five orders at once. We generate one invoice for one payment, so if you choose to pay orders one by one, then we generate one invoice for one payment. If you choose 5 orders for one payment, then we generate one invoice for your five orders. If you use our couriers for shipping your orders, then we generate one invoice per order regardless of the number of orders paid within one payment.

How to correctly submit complaints?

Please visit the page “Instructions for submitting a complaint” (available after logging in) to get to know how to submit your complaint.
Complaints will be processed as soon as possible, but within 14 working days.
Detailed information about complaints can be found on the page Conditions and complaint procedure (available after logging in) in the Information Centre.


What is dropshipping?

We can also cooperate in a dropshipping business model. It is a very effective and modern way of selling via the Internet, which takes care of the entire logistics process. We are your warehouse so you don't have to keep stocks at your place. You place the orders on our platform and we proceed to ship products directly to your customers.

Is it possible to include my own marketing materials to the dropshipping orders?

At this time, it is not possible to attach your own leaflets / advertising materials to the parcel. However, during the ordering process you can attach a sales document for the customer, which we will print and add to the parcel.

Do you share graphic files, photos and banners?

We prepare ready-made graphics and advertising banners for use by our clients. They can be used freely for promotional purposes. In addition, logos and brand names are available for your use. Free advertising material that you can use is also available on our social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Complaints and returns

Is it possible to return products?

Product returns are accepted only in exceptional situations, at our discretion, and only after prior e-mail contact with your account manager and obtaining his express permission. The product can be returned within 14 days of purchase. Electrical and electronic devices cannot be returned.


What are the delivery costs?

Delivery to EU countries for orders worth more than 250 EUR is free. The single shipment up to 3 kg for orders worth less than 250 EUR shipping costs vary from 5,75 EUR to 15,55 EUR depending on a target delivery country. You can use your own waybill as well, in that case we don’t charge you for shipping.

What is the shipping cost?

Transport to EU countries

The cost of shipping orders worth more than 250 EUR net is 0 EUR!

For orders under 250 EUR net the cost transport by DHL is - 5,75 to 15,55 EUR net depends on the country

For orders under 250 EUR net the cost transport by DPD courier is:

Pack up to 3kg - from 4,99 to 18 EUR net depends on the country

Pack up from 3kg to 10kg - from 9,99 to 28 EUR net depends on the country

Transport to Ukraine

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, only EXW delivery from our company headquarters is valid.
Address of our warehouse: FORCETOP Sp. z o.o. Warehouse - Chotów 24B, 63-460 Nowe Skalmierzyce
VAT tax remains in deposit, after receiving IE599 documentation from the border we will return it to you.

What carriers do you send your products with? Is it possible to send them by cash on delivery?

We operate with DHL and DPD on a daily basis. DHL arrives at our warehouse between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., DPD between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. When using DHL or DPD couriers, it is not necessary to arrange pick up of your packages.
It is necessary to arrange pick up of your packages from our warehouse. You need to arrange the carrier to collect the package from our warehouse from the address below:
Street: Chotów 24B
Postal code: 63-460
City: Nowe Skalmierzyce

Can I use my own waybill for my order?

You can add your own waybill in PDF format when you place your order. Please keep in mind that you need to arrange the package collection by your carrier from our warehouse.

How long does it take to proceed with shipping my order?

Orders that are paid are processed on an ongoing basis, on the next business day at the latest (during the wholesale store's opening hours, i.e. Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Due to the different courier pick-up times, it may happen that your order will be shipped the next working day if the courier you have chosen arrives to pick up the parcel before you place your order.

When do I have to place my order to have it shipped the same day?

We do not specify any particular time to place your order as couriers arrive at different hours. The orders are always processed and dispatched as soon as possible. The sooner we receive your order the better.

Additional Information

It is possible to ship the order directly to the end customers (DROPSHIPPING), also on your own waybills of any carrier if you attach it while placing your order and ask the carrier to pickup the shipment from our warehouse, with full service in the customer panel (without additional charges).

Address of our warehouse: FORCETOP Sp. z o.o. Warehouse - Chotów 24B, 63-460 Nowe Skalmierzyce

Using dropshipping service is free of charge (orders over 15 EUR net)!

When shipping orders in dropshipping model below 15 EUR net, we add 1,5 EUR net to invoice.

All of the orders need to be prepaid, we proceed with shipping your order only after receiving your payment.

All prices are net prices.


Can we get the payment terms of 15 or 30 days for my invoices?

Please note that all orders need to be prepaid, we proceed to ship your package after receiving money on our account. After a few successful transactions we will accept bank transfer confirmations.

Do you support quick online payments?

Yes, it is possible to pay for your order using the Tpay payment system.