Advantages of using dropshipping

Dropshipping is a very effective and modern way of selling online, which involves transferring the entire logistics process to a wholesaler. This allows the store owner to save time, which can be spent on promotion or customer service.

Warehouse? Now you don't need one!

All products are in our warehouse.

Shipping? We will do it for you!

You don't worry about shipping. We pack and ship the products to your customers.

Products? Choose from thousands!

Once you have established a partnership, you get access to a wide range of products.

How does dropshipping work ?

Customers order products from your store

The order is processed through the BTP platform

Products reach your customers directly from our warehouse

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For whom is dropshipping ?


- whether you are a beginner or an experienced retailer, with dropshipping you are not committing your own money to provide a wide range of products to your customers,

- whether you have your own warehouse or not, you can expand your product portfolio at no cost

- the BTP platform will give you an online overview of your orders, including dropshipping

- thanks to the API interface, you can further automate the exchange of information between BTP and your system

- thanks to imports from files, in BTP you can add orders with one click

- thanks to exports of commercial documents to files of various formats, you will quickly introduce them into your system

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